DBRY, PENN, & FARR Roof Replacements

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2854-19_A1.00 Cover 569.1 KB
2854-19_A1.01 DBRY Roof Plan 147.6 KB
2854-19_A1.02 DBRY Details 154.9 KB
2854-19_A1.03 PENN Roof Plan 140.5 KB
2854-19_A1.04 PENN Details 178.3 KB
2854-19_A1.05 FARR Roof Plan 135.2 KB
2854-19_A1.06 FARR Details 185.3 KB
2854-19_A1.07 DBRY Cupola Details 146.5 KB
2854-19_A1.08 Historic Ref Drawings 2.0 MB
2854-19_A1.09 Historic Ref Drawings 1.5 MB